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Bed Frames

Vancouver and Clark County

Sleep Bargains offers a wide variety of functional, beautiful, and affordable bed frames to meet all of your needs.

Your bed is one of the largest pieces of furniture in your home, and it serves as the centerpiece of your room. A quality bed frame can completely transform the look and feel of your space, while also protecting your mattress and promoting quality rest. If you are looking for a great bed frame that showcases your unique style, turn to Sleep Bargains in Vancouver WA! 

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Adjustable Beds

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Platform Beds

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Murphy Beds

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Why Are Bed Frames Necessary?

Modern mattresses are better than ever. Most are so well-made that they don’t feel like they need the additional support of a frame, which causes many people to believe that bed frames are unnecessary. However, bed frames are still important and offer a number of benefits, such as:

  • Validating mattress warranty: Most mattresses come with warranties that protect against faulty materials or craftsmanship. These warranties often stipulate that the mattress must be used on a proper foundation to qualify for refunds, repairs, or replacements. A frame can prevent you from accidentally voiding your warranty.
  • Prevent damage: If your mattress is resting directly on the floor, it could slide or sink unevenly. Placing your mattress on a proper foundation can prevent damage over time, which will keep your bed looking and feeling great for years to come.
  • Creating additional storage: Lifting your mattress with a bed frame leaves you with plenty of storage space that you would otherwise be unable to access, especially if you choose a frame with a high profile. Some bed frames even come with built-in drawers to make storage as stylish and simple as possible.
  • Promoting breathability: One of the key benefits of a bed frame is breathability. Having airflow to the bottom of the mattress not only increases temperature regulation, but it also prevents moisture from building up inside of the mattress. Preventing moisture can reduce the risk of mold or mildew growth, which could otherwise cause health issues.
  • Showcasing your style: Your bedroom should be a comforting space that reflects your personality and style. Since there are nearly endless design options to choose from, your bed frame is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your bedroom.
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Sleep Bargains is your locally owned and operated mattress store here in Vancouver WA. With over 12 years of experience providing exceptional mattresses at affordable prices, we are confident that our team can help you find your perfect bed. Our knowledgeable staff can guide you toward which materials and designs are best for your sleep style, so you can take home a comfortable mattress that will perform wonderfully for years. To get a great bed without breaking the bank, visit one of our store locations today!

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With the high-quality and affordable bed frames at Sleep Bargains, you don’t have to break the bank to upgrade your bedroom! We offer dozens of unique options to complement your style and meet your needs while remaining within your budget. From bold and trendy bed frames to soft and classic options, we have something for everyone. See why we’ve been Vancouver WA’s trusted mattress store for over 12 years – browse our great selection of bed frames today!

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