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Stomach sleepers in particular are vulnerable to issues such as back, neck, or shoulder pain. If you are a stomach sleeper and want to avoid these problems to get deeper sleep, it’s important to know what materials and types of mattresses are best suited to your sleep style. The experts at Sleep Bargains have put together a guide on what stomach sleepers need to know to choose a great mattress and get better rest.

Is Stomach Sleeping Healthy?

For many people, stomach sleeping feels most comfortable and natural. However, this sleep position has also been linked to problems such as poor spinal alignment and neck, back, or shoulder pain. Particularly for people who are pregnant or those who suffer from chronic pain, stomach sleeping can have several negative effects. 

That said, it’s important to note that each person is different, and some stomach sleepers don’t encounter major issues with this position. For many people, it can feel uncomfortable or difficult to switch positions. If you sleep on your stomach and are concerned about pain or other potential problems, speak with your doctor to find a solution that is right for your body.

Improving Rest for Stomach Sleepers

If you are a stomach sleeper, then you probably know how challenging it can be to find a bed that is both comfortable and supportive. Knowing what to look for when shopping around can help make the process easier. Here are some tips on how to improve the quality of rest and find the best mattress for stomach sleepers:

  • Use thinner pillows. Sleeping on your stomach can put stress on your neck, especially if you are using a thick pillow. Opting for a thinner pillow can promote healthy spinal alignment and help you avoid problems like neck pain, upper back pain, and headaches.
  • Pick a firmer mattress. While you always want to choose a mattress that feels comfortable for your body, stomach sleepers generally benefit from beds that are on the firmer side. Mattresses that are too soft can lead to sinking in the abdomen, which can put additional stress on your neck and lower back. Choosing a firmer mattress can promote spinal alignment and help you avoid back, neck, or shoulder pain.
  • Choose the right mattress type. Each mattress type has a different set of qualities that will impact the bed’s overall feel and performance. Since stomach sleepers generally need firmer and more supportive mattresses, they often prefer hybrid mattresses. The coil system provides durable and even support, while the comfort system cushions the body and provides pressure relief.
  • Avoid materials that sink. Mattresses with very thick or plush comfort systems may feel cozy to the touch, but they can also lead to sinking and poor spinal alignment. When shopping for a new bed, look for one that strikes a balance between soft comfort and rigid support. It should feel comfortable enough to lay on, but shouldn’t compress too deeply.

Find Your Perfect Mattress

Want to improve your comfort and sleep quality with a great mattress for stomach sleeping? The team at Sleep Bargains in Vancouver WA is ready to help you find your perfect fit! Our knowledgeable staff has over 12 years of experience helping customers find the right mattress for their sleep style, budget, and home. It’s our goal to make the process of choosing a new bed as easy and enjoyable as possible so that getting better sleep doesn’t have to be stressful.

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