Buying a mattress can be a little confusing at times and there are a lot of advertising dollars being spent by different brands trying to convince you that they are the best one for you!

However, there really isn't one answer to the question "What's the best mattress?" because what's right for someone else, isn't necessarily right for you.

With that in mind the goal is to give you some information that might help you choose a mattress that might suit your needs and help you sleep better.

Consider the size you need and what will fit in your space:                            

  • Twin        38"x74" 
  • XL Twin  38"x79"
  • Full         54"x74"
  • Queen    59"x79"
  • King        76"x79"
  • Cal King 72"x 83"

Mattress Types:

Most mattresses made today fall into one of these construction types:

All Foam - A mattress made with layers of foam (no springs) and covered in a fabric that is typically zippered over the foam.  Memory Foam, Gel infused memory foam, and latex foam are being used most often.  

Gel Memory Foam   Latex


Innerspring- Mattresses built with metal coils as their foundation of support are generally called innerspring mattresses.  There are two main types of innerspring mattresses: Individually Pocketed Coils and Open Coils.

How much cushioning material that is used above these coils (foams and quilted fibers primarily) will make a big difference in how they will feel.  In general, the more layers of padding, the softer the mattress will be.

Individually Pocketed Coils for a mattress   Open Coils for mattress construction

     Hybrid-  A hybrid style mattress combines innerspring and foam mattress construction into one.  Typically a hybrid mattress has individually pocketed coils as it's main support and gel memory foam or latex layers on top as the cushioning for comfort.  The feel can vary depending on what type of foam is used and how thick the layers are.  Another thing that can affect the feel is the firmness of the pocketed coils (which can change based on the gauge of metal used in them).

 Hybrid mattress

                                                                                                                                Tips for selecting the right mattress for you:

1.  What is your primary preferred sleeping position? 

  • Side Sleepers usually would want to go with a medium to softer model so that the shoulder and hips are getting enough pressure relief.
  • Stomach sleepers usually need a bit of a firmer mattress so that the back isn't arched too much causing lower back pain.
  • Back sleepers can get away with almost any firmness that feels right to them, but just make sure the arch of the back is being supported.   

2. Look up mattress stores near you with good reviews online.  Check out their website and narrow it down to a few that look promising.

3. Go to the store of your choosing and spend some time trying mattresses in the the different types (foam, spring, hybrid) and get a sense what feels good to you.

Once you have an idea of the feel you like, find models in that store that have that feel in the price range you're comfortable with. 

Narrow your search down to 2 or 3 mattresses in the store that you think might be a good fit for you and go between those models, spending at least 5 minutes in your preferred sleeping position.

From there you can you can make your final choice and make the purchase.

Feel free to stop in to one of our showroom locations to try mattresses out and benefit from our years of experience helping people get the best nights sleep possible.  

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